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​    JBG LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD is a family owned and run company located near Kamloops BC. We serve Kamloops and the surrounding communities. We provide complete landscape installations for both new and existing residential landscapes

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​   So whether you are just starting to build a new home or have an existing one we can help make it both beautiful and functional. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information or to set up an appointment to go over your landscape ideas.

 JBG has done 2 projects in our yard and we have loved every moment of pleasure we get from the beauty we are surrounded with. It is like walking into a park that was created just for us! JBG takes the time to look at the area and then works with what is there and creates a significant new look, it is extraordinary to see the end result. - Jill

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    Water can play an important part in the overall design of a landscape too. It can be a simple water feature like a small fountain or bird bath. It can be more elaborate like a pondless waterfall or a small pond. A swimming pool can be included as well in the design of a landscape. A beautiful landscape will have a combination of all these elements in them. Where you place them is also important in the overall design.

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    Functionality is being able to use the landscape area to it's fullest potential. It can include pathways, patio's, lawn area to name a few. Retaining walls and steps maybe necessary to make an area functional as well. Pathways provide access to different areas of your landscape. They can be simple as a dirt trail or more elaborate as flagstone. 

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     They can include stepping stones or compacted aggregate.Patio's can be simple as concrete or paving stones. Natural flagstone is also an option when considering material for a patio area. A lawn area can also be useful for a green space. Sod is the more common option, but seeding is also another alternative. Retaining walls and steps can either be concrete, wood, or natural stone. 

     Since it's inception our company has focused on residential construction. From compete landscape installations to renovating of existing landscapes, we can help you achieve a beautiful and functional landscape. You may ask what is a beautiful and functional landscape?. Let's start with beautiful that is what is seen with the eye. A beautiful landscape starts with the proper selection of plants for a given area. So what is a proper plant for your landscape?.Some things to consider are hardiness, (will it grow in your location). It is also helpful to know the mature size of said plant, that is how tall or wide it will be. Blossoms are another consideration when choosing plants for a beautiful landscape. Some plants with beautiful blossoms are magnolias, hydrangeas, and roses. While blossoms are important there are also many other attributes certain plants have that can be useful. Some have beautiful bark like paper bark maples and birches. Others have beautiful foliage like variegated dogwoods. Another key aspect is whether they are deciduous (loose their leaves) or retain their needles like conifers.