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Driveways, Patio's, & Walkways.

    Some advantages or paving stones when used in a driveway application are. They can easily be replaced if damaged or become stained with oil or other foreign material. A poured concrete driveway will crack over time where as with paving stones they will not.

    Some advantages of using paving stones compared to concrete for a patio area are. With their smaller size they are easier to move into a backyard. You can design almost any shape of patio with out forming. They also do not crack like concrete and can easily be replaced.


Paving Stones

   Paving stones come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They range from small pieces to large slabs. What to use and where to place them is important in the overall design of a beautiful and functional landscape. Below we will look at three common area paving stones and slabs are used in.


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   Paving stones and slabs are commonly use for walkways. Some advantages of using them are they provide a solid surface for walking on. When properly sealed weeds will not grow in your walkway. They will not crack like concrete and also be easily replaced.

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